Infinity RPA

Infinity RPA aims to be the drone industries leading drone integration specialists and solution provider.

We are the key link to integrating the latest cutting edge drone technology into your business. 

Infinity RPA's experience within the local and international drone ecosystems has provided us with a wealth of knowledge across drone hardware, software, aviation regulations, bespoke drone engineering and risk management.  Collaboration is the key to success and we have collaborated with industry leaders to provide the best solutions for your business.


Our Consultancy Services Include

  • Drone program integration and implementation

  • RPAS Training including IREX and Powerlift

  • Drone Hardware and Software solution

  • Equipment Leasing and Finance

  • Bespoke Drone solutions VTOL and Heavy Lift drones

  • EVLOS/BVLOS applications and approvals

  • Hiring of specialised UAV staff

  • Site Engineering Solution for Telco owners and operators 3D Model, integrated engineering solutions, with highly accurate CAD model outputs

  • 3D Internal modelling for industry and Real Estate using the latest Matterport technology

Managed Service contracts

As alternative option to the purchase and maintain model,Infinity RPA offers a managed service contract for companies or local government. This contract lets you take advantage of the latest drone technology and data analysis without the capital outlay and ongoing technology and regulatory management.

This approach is a low risk option for any business, you nominate the technology and outputs required across the business and we deliver the service when you require it.